Diary of an Exhibition – Luna Sea

Diary of an Exhibition – Luna Sea


A grumpy two days of thinking oils and me are OVER! Not because I am not totally in love with oils, but because my lungs don’t like them anymore


This morning I decided to go into the studio and pack my oil paints away for now and let the atmosphere detox

The drying paintings can be locked into a contained space where the door can stay firmly shut until they have dried out!


I couldn’t help it…. once I was in there I just had to attempt to finish the painting started 2 days ago ‘Luna Sea’, painted over the couple of days of this super moon


A girl can’t help herself….Oil paint addict or something?


Here it is unfinished and finished

Waves and wind and rain


They photographs look like 2 different paintings, begging the question is a painting a physical object or in this digital era just an image?


I HAVE packed my paints up for now, to let my lungs recover, and am sitting wondering how to move forward with my seascape exhibition


Draw, draw, draw – the anatomy of a wave – seems to be the answer


I have no idea what kind of drawings I will make or what they will look like but it will be interesting to get clearer about the anatomy, if that is the right word, of wave energy, chaos or structure?


So that when I have a sneaky paint in oils sometime in the future….






‘Luna Sea’

Oil on Canvas

80 x 100 cms

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