Diary of an Exhibition – Releasing Art Flow


Releasing art flow

Muscles as water

I paint the sea and become the ocean

Body 70 percent water

Frozen body freeing to a flowing tidal wave of art


The heart my art

Muscles releasing – contracting to release again


Finally bouncing like the brush on the stretched canvas


Spring is springing

Warming my heart, earth

Love and art


Flexing art’s muscle

Tight or toned?

Held or free?


Lengthening muscles into the art

Releasing art muscle into the flow

The heart of all that is matter


Muscles flowing as spirals

Tight muscles tight art!


Long free ecstatic muscles flowing into art

Paint brush spiralling freely from my back

From the energising out breath


Loving the feel

The way I feel

A tidal wave through my body onto canvas

Energy in motion



Given away, no expectation of return, just explored right now

I am free to dance the paint

Luxury …



Egg Morning on the Beach

Oil on Canvas

40 x 50 cms


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