Diary of an Exhibition – Despite Myself I Paint the Sea

Painting the sea … It all comes back to flow


This watery world we live in

Surrounded by water … in the air, the ground, our bodies …

Little Britain, our island


We are destroying our clean waters, our clean seas

We are destroying our bodies

Beguiling sea – you are destructive and dangerous … beautifully calm


The theme of the sea for art gets bigger, and more overwhelming, like the sea itself


Despite my fears and inadequacies I will paint the sea

Even the word ‘despite’ has it’s roots in water – spit, bile …

Green water, jealous of other artists brilliance …

Harmful thoughts, totally unhelpful

I fall over on the rocks, slip on the seaweed and jar my back thinking that thought!


Despite myself I paint the sea

The wave of my life has value too!


How to capture a wave, a drop in the ocean?

It feels impossible.

Wave upon wave as my arm freely swings up to the canvas

Brush reaching the shore of the image

A sweep of intention, of colour

Free like the sea

Or not?

Be the ocean not a rock!


The sea just keeps rolling in, flowing, does the sea get tired?


Each wave different, inspiring, gone …

Each wave like a heart beat … precious

Just show up … get up and go out to the cold studio …

Let the wave of desire for the sea roll over you and carry you forward


Despite myself I paint the sea …




‘Morning Mood’

Oil and Sand on Canvas

8.5 x 10 inches (framed)



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