Diary of an Exhibition – Arty Farty Party!

Me age 19 (hair and photo by Kevin Dalton Johnston) 



When I was younger I was accused of being ARTY FARTY!

Who me?

It was the 80’s for goodness sake, you were MEANT to be Arty Farty!


Now the night before my exhibition I am wondering whatever happened to Miss Arty Farty?

Why …because she has a party to go to aka her own art exhibition and a wooly hat and jeans ain’t going to cut it!


Time to  think about what I am going to wear …

A rare opportunity to dress up … (country bumpkin goes to town)

Time to get out of the studio and into glamorous beautiful Edinburgh!


So, I am sitting here this evening wondering what the hell happened to the Arty Farty girl who loved …  loved …  loved dressing up?


Oh! That’s right! I wanted to be an actual artist, not just a poser!

And actual art, painting in oils, is not the most glamorous job in the world, in fact grimy would be a good description.


Today teaching Alexander Technique at school, before finishing hanging the exhibition,  one of the 15 year old girls burst into class and announced –


‘I am going to be on The Voice! It is meant to be a secret, but I am rubbish at keeping secrets. I am so excited! Live your dreams, that’s my motto, and my dreams are coming true!’


We all clapped.

Her excitement was joyous.


Well I guess I have been living my dream too.

When I was 15 I wanted a horse and I wanted to be an artist.

That was it.


I have worked hard painting seascapes for this exhibition with the big hope I can improve the conditions for my horse.

My dream – I want to build an arena  …

My field of dreams …

So that we have somewhere safe to ride …

Somehow I have lost my desire to ride on the road – too many cars with too little consideration for animals!


So roll on tomorrow, it is time to dress up and sell some art ….

I am excited and as I was reminded by my pupil today – I am living my dream.


The exhibition is looking good, Jenny’s and my work compliment each other beautifully.


Hope to see you at Sea and the City!

Love Kirsten


Original oil paintings from £100 at the exhibition and via website –  www.kirstenharrisart.com World wide shipping by arrangement.)







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