Waterfalls – Symbol of Abundance


Waterfalls – Symbol of Abundance


I love a good symbol!


In the Chinese art of Feng Shui (Feng meaning wind, Shui meaning water) waterfalls and images of waterfalls, in the form of photographs or paintings, symbolise an abundant flow of wealth, prosperity and good fortune.

Feng Shui is described as a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relationship to the flow of energy (chi) and how it effects us in our environment. It is 3000 years old. Applying Feng Shui helps to balance your home and health and creates abundance!


In order to attract a flow of money into the home, Feng Shui experts advise that waterfall paintings should be hung in corridors, offices and living spaces.

A space that you move through where every time you see this symbol of abundance you activate your good fortune! In other words waterfalls paintings are wonderful things to have in your home.


This all sounds very good to me as an artist currently painting waterfalls and organising a group art exhibiton called Romance of the Falls drawing inspiration from the spectacular Falls of Clyde near my home in South Lanarkshire.


Feng Shui experts also suggest carrying a photo of a waterfall in your purse to ensure that money always flows into it.

I have currently taken hundreds of photos of the four Falls of Clyde on my iPhone – Bonnington Linn, Corra Linn, Dundaff Linn and Stonebyres Linn, I wonder if that works too!? : )


Whether Feng Shui is correct or not (it is an ancient system so why not) one thing seems abundantly clear to me – the idea to organise this art exhibition  has come at a very auspicious time …

The Falls of Clyde, which has attracted artists and visitors for the past 300 years is running at full force for the next ten weeks.

Water is abundant!

Who knew that the Scottish Hydro would be doing repairs for ten glorious weeks? Not me. I am absolutely delighted!


The Falls are a power place …Energising
The noise of the Falls is exhilarating
The walks beautiful

I totally recommend a visit ….


During the Napoleonic wars when trips to Europe on the Grand Tour were not possible, The Falls of Clyde were on the route of Le Petit Tour …


I am so happy to go be able to go there as often as I can over the next few weeks and walk and look, be inspired and paint the area. Following in the footsteps of JMW Turner, Wordsworth, Robbie Burns, Sir Walter Scott, Samuel Taylor Coleridge to name a few …
I am loving learning more about the amazing history of the area and connecting with new people locally.

Feeling abundant just being in the idea of the Falls of Clyde and very happy with this new adventure and exhibition to work towards and today I painted my first waterfall painting so am embracing the new theme.

Happy Summer!


Romance of the Falls

Contemporary Art Exhibition

The Tolbooth

4 High Street


12th October – 12 November

Link to Romance of the Falls Facebook page here – please LIKE to see the work of other artists as they make it over the next weeks …



Oil on Canvas

100 x 150 cm



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